Deric Kramer NASTY Pro Stock Crash At NHRA Las Vegas

When it comes to high power racing, there’s that split second decision that ...

When it comes to high power racing, there’s that split second decision that many have to make as the get down the track and their car begins to slide around.

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Do you attempt to pedal, to lift off of the throttle and get back in it again or do you let out and call this one a loss while attempting to avoid over driving until you find yourself in a wall.

This time, we check out a pro stock battle at NHRA Las Vegas that would appear to show Deric Kramer getting a little bit to throttle happy as he loses control and while attempting to regain it, gets tied up in quite the wreck.

Check out the video below as the car gets sideways before rolling over and straddling the wall before shooting back across the track and rolling over again.

Luckily, Deric was able to get out of the car, seemingly without any major injury as the medical team is on the spot and ready to come to his rescue.



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