Detailer Deep Cleans the NASTIEST Vehicle That He’s EVER Seen

For somebody who wants to get a proper detail done, it can end up costing a good bit ...

For somebody who wants to get a proper detail done, it can end up costing a good bit of money. Hiring a good detailer isn’t just about paying somebody for their time and labor alone. Instead, somebody who is experienced at detailing vehicles knows exactly what tricks to used to make everything perfect once again. This is definitely something that’s easier said than done when considering different obstacles like gum stuck in the carpet or stains that just won’t come out on the seats. However, a good detailer should know how to tackle these obstacles and will also have a variety of different tools to do so.

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Let’s just say that in this case, the detailer in question by the name of The Detail Geek on YouTube really had to break out all of the stops. We would presume that some detailing tools probably stay in the toolbox for most jobs. However, when he encountered one nasty Chrysler Town and Country minivan, he would call it the “Nastiest” he’s ever seen. Breaking out the big guns was very necessary.

A lot of times, YouTubers will use hyperbole in their titles. How gross could somebody’s car actually be to be considered the nastiest? This time, it appears as if hyperbole isn’t even a part of the question. This thing is pretty gross inside and out. in order for a vehicle to be proclaimed the nastiest by somebody who cleans cars for a living, it has to be pretty bad.

By following along with the video below, we watch as the van gets a top to bottom deep clean. We have to admit that this is a bit of a guilty pleasure because this video is almost as gross as it is satisfying. At the end of it all, though, seeing the owner’s reaction in the video makes it all worth it!

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