DeWayne Mills 3.73 at 211mph in the Semifinals vs Keith Hany at Sweet 16

At the Sweet 16 event this weekend, some pretty amazing racing has taken place. With ...

At the Sweet 16 event this weekend, some pretty amazing racing has taken place. With six figures worth of prize money on the line, you can bet that this event got heated and when you throw in the fact that guys on drag radials have been managing to clock home passes in the 3.6-second range, well, we don’t have to sit here and explain to you just what kind of intensity goes alongside that atmosphere as records continue to fall with each and every pass. It’s definitely something that is worth tuning in and watching which might just make you wish that you’d had a trackside seat.

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In this one, we catch up with a man who has managed to punch his way into the 3.6-second Range in DeWayne Mills as he lines up in the semifinals versus Keith Hany with both drivers having a target of putting together traction and power alike which seems to have been working out well for them, before blasting their way down the track and taking home victory. With the way things have been setting up, the competitors both seemed to have their cars on a rail with a heat-seeking missile onboard facing straight for that finish line and you know that a race like this is going to be an absolute riot.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch just a slice of the action from this weekend’s Sweet 16 to see what it was that you’ve been missing! When guys like these make their way to the staging lanes, well, it’s definitely time to pay attention to what’s going down on that race track because it’s about to be game on and the most adrenaline-pumping races that you’ll lay eyes on will be happening right in front of your face.

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