Did This Jerk Horse Rider Cause His Horse To Kick a Ferrari 458?

Of all the ways to get the fender on your Ferrari dinged, this is definitely one the ...

Of all the ways to get the fender on your Ferrari dinged, this is definitely one the insurance company may be a little hesitant to believe. I can hear that conversation now, “Well you see, I was sitting in traffic, minding my own business, when a horse backed up and kicked the crap out of my car.”

It seems implausible to say the least, but luckily, there’s video to prove that’s exactly what happened. Growing up in Alabama, we’re pretty familiar with horses, so I’m going to dive into whether or not the horse’s rider had any intent here, because there seems to be some indication that he may have coaxed the horse into kicking the supercar.

I just happen to know that one of the first things a rider learns when they first start riding is how to make a horse go forward and backward. We’ve all seen in movies and on TV how riders will yank the reins and give the horse a little kick to the ribs, maybe throw in a “giddy up” to get the horse to walk or run forward. However, what’s not so common knowledge is how to get a horse to back up, and it sort of lends a little credibility to the possibility that the rider did this on purpose. To “reverse” a horse, you simply give a “shhhhhh” command, just like you do a loud talker in the theater. It’s subtle and can be done fairly quietly and will make the horse walk backwards. So if you notice how the horse sort of backs up to the Ferrari’s fender, if you consider all the rider has to do is give the “shhhh” command, it would be easy enough for him to conceal.

From there, nature takes over, as horses are prone to kick anything that touches them from behind, especially if it’s something that, for example, might be vibrating due to the engine running. So while we may never know for sure, this could have certainly been intentional.

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