Did You Know? A Nitro Fuel Pump Can Pump Out 116 Gallons of Fuel Each Minute?

Nitro engine powered cars that you’ll find at NHRA sanctioned events across the ...

Nitro engine powered cars that you’ll find at NHRA sanctioned events across the country travel at hundreds of miles per hour as they zoom down the track, defying death race after race as they blitz to the finish line. This is what really draws in the audience and keeps them glued as the drivers really push the limits of speed on wheels in a short length of racing surface.

In order to reach such impressive speeds, it would be intuitive that they use gobs of fuel as they span quarter mile or less in no time. Seriously, it’s a lot more than you’d imagine. In fact, when comparing a fuel pump from a nitro powered machine to a typical sports car fuel pump, the difference is almost that of a bowling ball and a golf ball because, as you could imagine, the nitro pump is cranking out a lot more juice to power thousands of horsepower down the track.

In this video, we check out what such a Nitro car’s fuel pump looks like along with getting the rundown on how it functions and just how much power a massive pump like this is able to create when working in unison with the rest of the fuel system. When all is said and done, we’re looking at 78 gallons per mile created by this bad boy! If you were feeling bad about the fuel economy that your car or truck was getting, just imagine the fuel bill with something like this!

Check out the video below as this piece of mechanical equipment is quite impressive! Even with all of the fuel being sprayed, these are still some of the most efficient cars on earth as every last part is dialed in just right with the hopes of making the most power that they possibly can to get any edge possible.

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