Diesel generator engine cold start after 10 years in bunker

For just about anything mechanical, 10 years is a long span of time to be left alone. ...

For just about anything mechanical, 10 years is a long span of time to be left alone. Even in much shorter periods of time, if you leave something sitting without paying attention to it, it will probably begin to corrode and give you all sorts of problems.

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When these guys headed into a bunker too cold start a diesel generator that has been sitting for a decade, you would imagine that it would give them some major trouble and they would have to go through some TLC for this thing get up and functioning again if it would turn over at all!

To have any sort of results, you need to get started so the guys head down in the bunker to see exactly what it was that they would be working with and they gave it a shot to see if it would fire on up.

Follow along in their journey in the video below as they head down in the bunker and give it their best shot. Will it take a lot of time and effort to get this thing going or will it be able to purr like a kitten on the first try? See for yourself below!

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