Diesel Truck Cold Starts | Cummins Vs Duramax Vs Powerstroke Vs Semi Truck

There’s nothing like the guttural rumble of a Diesel engine cranking up in the frigid ...

There’s nothing like the guttural rumble of a Diesel engine cranking up in the frigid cold. Whether it’s a Cummins or a Duramax or a Powerstroke or a massive semi doesn’t matter, they all sound downright wicked when they first kick off in the cold. This video is nothing but eight minutes of chilled diesels cranking up for the first time after sitting in the cold for at least several hours.

Each of these trucks has a distinctive sound thanks to the different engines and custom exhaust setups they’re all running. Some of the pickups sound nearly identical to their semi-truck counterparts thanks to the chilled air and big exhaust. We aren’t even going to try to identify all of these trucks, though we’d be willing to bet somebody out there that spends a lot of time in the diesel world can take a listen to these and tell exactly what they are in a matter of seconds. If you’re that guy, go ahead and jump in the comments on Facebook and let us know what these are.

For the rest of us, just sit back and enjoy the awesome sounds of these pickup rattling to life. There are a couple of them that really jump out at us for various reasons, either from the awesome rumble of the exhaust note or the huge exhaust stack exiting from the bed of the truck. Of course, it’s hard to beat the sound of an actual semi truck cranking up, the huge engines struggling at first to fire before finally kicking over and rumbling to life. So tell us, diesel fans, which truck or trucks are your favorites? Or is there another video out there that features a meaner sounding diesel? If so, throw it up on our wall on Facebook or tag us on Instagram! We love to know what our fans like to see, so let us know what cranks your tractor!

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