Dipping Arms In Carbon Fiber Hydro-Graphics Dip

Dipping Arms In Carbon Fiber Hydro-Graphics Dippure 850hp GT-R / $50k in cash ...

Dipping Arms In Carbon Fiber Hydro-Graphics Dip

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Today, we check out what is… well, honestly probably the most awkward video that you’ve ever had to explain to somebody who ends up watching it over your shoulder.

In an attempt to show what the “MyDipKit” is capable of hydro-dipping, this guy dunks just about anything he can get his hands on in the solution, starting with mannequin arms.

After pulling them from the colored solution, the graphic pattern is dispersed evenly and manages to mold to the contours of the mannequin, showing that it can be used just about anywhere including automotive applications!

Check out the video below as the most awkward dip demonstration ever is showed off to promote a couple of more sales. What would you dip if you had this kit?

Hydro-dipping can transfer any graphics you want to anything.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.18.25 AM

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