Dirt Bike Converted to a Drift Trike… Ultimate Bike Trike Drift Machine!

Recently, a trend that has really exploded on the pages of the web is that of the ...

Recently, a trend that has really exploded on the pages of the web is that of the drift trike. These things have been erected from scratch in so many different configurations and put it through their paces in a fashion that will make you absolutely need to have one.

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While normally, the machines are put together to somewhat resemble a big wheel, this time, it looks like someone started with a pit bike and got to customizing from there, essentially leaving the suspension as it was and slapping a pair of slippery tires on the back with the aid of a little bit of custom work.

Whether or not this is the best way to go about sliding sideways, I can’t really say for sure but you really have to admire the work that these guys put into concocting the machine to meet their needs from what they had available. We even get a little ripping display to show how the bike rocks out. Check out the clip down below that will show you exactly what this trike is all about.

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