Dirt Dragster Shows us What “Too Much Power” Looks Like

As people who enjoy building and modifying their racing machines, we realize that ...

As people who enjoy building and modifying their racing machines, we realize that there’s always the pursuit of more and more horsepower. It really does make you wonder if there’s ever a point where you can make “too much” power. Usually, when you start talking about making too much power, someone will adamantly refuse the fact that that’s even a concept that anybody should consider. Surely, the more power you make, the more fun that the vehicle will become, right? Well, I guess that would make sense if there was also the constant of surrounding parts never failing on you.

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You see, as more and more power comes into the mix, also brings about the need for more hefty parts behind that power to make it work in a real-world situation. You have to remember that just because a vehicle makes a ton of power doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be able to consistently make that power and consistently get that power to the ground. In this situation, it appears as if a little bit of part failure is on tap for one pass in a dirt dragster that is laying down 3300 hp, enough ponies to make you question how any part is going to work, holding all of that power behind it as this thing lays down some brutal launches.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch pure power and torque unfold as this beast of an off-road drag racing machine digs down deep and grabs some insane traction, enough of which to be able to rip the tires right off of the wheels, bead lock and all. You better peel those eyes and watch closely because it’s not often that you get to see raw power in action like this!

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