Dirt Track Car Gets T-Boned, Splits Completely In Half

Racing in any capacity brings its fair share of danger every time that you touch tire ...

Racing in any capacity brings its fair share of danger every time that you touch tire to track. However, sometimes, a driver can get tied up in a situation, like this one from Delaware International Speedway back in October of 2014, that makes your jaw simply drop to the floor, making you wonder how all this came about and what’s going to happen next. These times can be rather trying and maybe even a little bit terrifying as you hope for the best, wishing you that the people involved in such a wreck are going to end up being alright and that they can come out on the other side of things as safely as possible. In this one, you can rest assured that all drivers involved would end up being okay. However, when you watch the video, it’s honestly a little bit hard to believe that is a fact.

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The scene is set on this a dirt circle track as a couple of Late Model class cars are really battling it out for position. Everything appears to be clean and kosher, however, that doesn’t stop the number 38 car, piloted by Bob Geiger from being disabled and sitting right in the middle of the action. It’s at this point that the number 80 car, driven by David Pettyjohn ends up not having much time to react and finding his way into the thick of the pack, meaning that Geiger can do nothing but sit tight and hold on. In this particular situation, when the cars would end up coming together, things would get a touch out of control.

As they collide, the 38 ends up being torn completely in half as number 80 car drifts to the bottom and ends up catching on fire. Again, we have to reiterate that everybody involved did end up being okay which is definitely a miracle in and of itself. It does look like the safety equipment in question kicked in at just the right time, preventing this thing from spiraling past vehicular damage.

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