Disqualified for Leaving on Green? Race Sparked Kye Kelley to Storm Off No Prep Kings

When it comes to street and grudge racing, arguments go on for hours upon hours about ...

When it comes to street and grudge racing, arguments go on for hours upon hours about all sorts of different ideas. No matter who is right or what the situation is, if there some way to bend it in one person’s direction or another, then odds are that these types of races are going keep the argument alive. That’s just the way that it is in this kind of community. It turns out that everybody is looking to gain a competitive edge through a little bit of a hustle and if you don’t take part in the game, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be the one on the receiving end of somebody else’s hustle. It’s a very interesting balance and also happens to be a big part of the reason why people end up being so interested in entertainment offered up on platforms like Street Outlaws.

Most of the time, when something is happening on the streets, there are a lot more variables to consider and definitely an argument to be made on either side, however, when it comes to the timing systems that are put in place on race track, at times, it can be hard to argue. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t seem like there were very many things that you could try to try to go back and forth about when it seems plain as night and day when it comes to something like leaving the starting line on time. I mean, the sensors don’t lie… Or do they?

In the video below, we tune in to watch the dispute on display that happened as a result of Kye Kelley taking on the Fireball Camaro and drawing a red light, meaning that, in theory, the car left early. However, we can definitely see where an argument would be brought up because it appears as if the Shocker Chevrolet Camaro is sitting absolutely still until after the light turns green. In a racing format that comes down to inches sometimes, though, perhaps he was staged too close to the beams beyond what a human eye could pick up as a car moved forward ever so slightly or maybe the timing system underwent some sort of error because even machines like these are not 100% perfect.

No matter who you’re pulling for here, you have to admit that this is a situation that could be argued in either direction. It’s certainly one that I would not personally want to be in the middle of and be held responsible to try and decide what the outcome would be.

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