Diving Inside the First-Ever Tesla Race Car

It seems like, in order to stay fresh and draw a crowd, different forms or racing are ...

It seems like, in order to stay fresh and draw a crowd, different forms or racing are changing every day. This might mean taking a classic and spinning it into something new like no prep. In no prep, we see a traditional drag race. However, the surface that they’re racing on is stripped raw to challenge drivers with less traction. On the other hand, we see some series of racing that brings something entirely new to the table. One example of this is the concept of electric vehicle racing that has been emerging over the past couple of years.

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Finally, the biggest player in the game will take a shot at entering a major electric vehicle racing series. Yes, Tesla has made its way into EPCS (electric production car series) to compete. The series will provide a jumping off point to¬†debut the first race-ready Teslas that we’re able to watch. Twenty drivers will be behind the wheel of identical Tesla Model S P100Ds and going for gold. It’s certainly going to be interesting motorsport to watch as the sound of grumbling engines will be replaced with near silence. Perhaps the loudest part of it all will be the noise coming from the tires!

Basically, when it comes to life, cars are going to be stripped and fitted with safety equipment. They’re also going to be lightened up with new body panels and other lightweight racing components. The series has been approved¬†to race in several countries. It’s going to be interesting to see how the public responds to such a drastic change in racing as we know it. With electric vehicle racing comes a whole different set of challenges. By following along with Business Insider in the video below, we get a little bit of a more detailed idea of how it’s all supposed to come to life!

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