Diving Into Adam Carolla’s Private Car Collection

As car fanatics, we definitely can get pretty excited when learning that some of our ...

As car fanatics, we definitely can get pretty excited when learning that some of our favorite celebrities are also as engrossed in the hobby as we are. While you might know them from one thing or another, it can turn out that some of the people that you see on your television screen, in the movies, or involved in some other type of entertainment actually ends up being pretty into the world of wheels, building up collections that some can only dream of. I mean, we definitely all have our personal garage goals that we would go after if we were to come into a big sum of money and the only difference here is that these people have the means to do it.

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This time, we’re digging into the likes of the collection of Adam Corolla, an individual that is responsible for making us laugh, entertaining us, and informing us. This time, though, there’s no funny business on tap as we check out a video that’s entirely about seeing what his car collection has to offer and what really gets his gears in motion. Overall, the collection boasts 20 to 30 machines and in this one, we’re able to get to check out a couple of highlights. The portion that we do get to see is pretty awesome to say the least!

We have to say that we’re kind of impressed by the variety that it showcases as Carolla has a passion for racing vintage race cars but also gets into a couple of other wild street machines like an Aston Martin¬†and a Lamborghini Miura. After dialing your way into this collection and being able to see exactly what Carolla has up his sleeve, you might be able to gain a little bit more appreciation for him as an entertainer, too. After all, the way that somebody collects their cars can say a lot about who exactly they are.


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