DMV Tells Uber to REMOVE New Self-Driving Cars from the Road, Uber Ignores

Boys and girls, we have made it to the age of technological everything. From our ...

Boys and girls, we have made it to the age of technological everything. From our communication to our transportation, everything seems to be on its way to automation and digitalization, even the practice of using a taxi cab seems to have the human interaction factor coming to an end.

If you weren’t aware, transportation network giant, Uber, has been working on a technology in which its cars will be driving themselves. Inspired by technology similar to what pilots the Tesla autonomously, the company seems to be striving for a taxi cab experience that takes out all potential danger and variable inconvenience by removing the driver altogether.

Now, you would think that the company wouldn’t have much of a hassle putting something like this in place as Tesla has already managed to put self-driving cars on the road but it turns out that the California DMV doesn’t really want Uber’s little experiment to use public streets, at least without a permit, as reported by multiple news sources. From what we have gathered, the distinction lies somewhere in between what exactly determines “fully-autonomous” and “semi-autonomous,” with the latter, the category that the latest Tesla technology falls into, requiring no permit for testing on public streets. Multiple other companies have used the permits so why doesn’t Uber fall in line? Well, their claim lies somewhere in the idea that they simply don’t think that the current rules apply to their situation due to the aforementioned autonomous argument and they might be right.

Now, Uber isn’t just out there getting reckless with their driverless cars. They do contend that all testing is done with both someone in the driver and passenger seat, both with steering and braking controls, much like a driver’s ed car to make sure that nothing fishy happens in the streets.

In the video below, you can see one of the self-driving cars blowing a red light which most definitely raises suspicion but only other hand, the company does have a pretty good point. Who will win this battle of the future? I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. One thing is for sure, the legislation on self-driving vehicles has a lot of catching up to do. There’s certainly no way to properly prepare for an entirely new market like this!

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