Do Performance Brake Rotors Have Better Cooling?

When we gear heads start playing around with our machines, there are tons of things ...

When we gear heads start playing around with our machines, there are tons of things that we can change and upgrade to make them work better. We think about it all from the tires to the brakes and of course, the power under the hood. While we may prioritize sometimes and fail to get to the auxiliary details like the braking system, if it’s not something that’s as important with your style of driving, when you finally do get to upgrade the systems, there are tons of choices to go with. Some might be more expensive than others and offer up a claim to be better technology but are they truly better in the way that you want them to be? While spending¬†your hard earned cash on these different components, do they end up paying off in the long run with better performance?

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In this experiment, we follow along with Engineering Explained to take yet another opportunity to run a couple of tests and tell us all about everything that we would ever want to know about brake rotors. While most people focus on going, stopping is just as important. At the end of the day, it could end up protecting your investment from becoming road kill. So, in the long run, if you’re looking to spend money on brakes, is it worth it to have performance rotors with different drilled and slotted designs to help that heat escape? With this test, you will be able to get a little bit of an idea on if you should spend the extra cash and maybe it will even influence you to look at more tests to do even more research on the topic.

Follow along down the video below that puts stock and aftermarket brake rotors up against one another with a couple of demonstrations that might actually surprise¬†you little bit when you see how everything comes out. After watching this test in which the channel’s handy Honda S2000 is used to demonstrate, what is your outlook on spending that extra cash to go with a premium brake rotor?

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