Doc in the Street Beast vs Baker’s Rod Shop Impala No Prep Showdown

We all know Doc and the Street Beast Monte Carlo from Street Outlaws, where Doc has ...

We all know Doc and the Street Beast Monte Carlo from Street Outlaws, where Doc has spent the last several years hovering around the top of the baddest Top 10 list in the nation. However, when he’s not filming for the show, Doc is known to hit the No Prep trail and compete at no prep events all over the country. It’s not at all unusual to see Doc and his compadre Monza duking it out with the locals anywhere from South Carolina to Texas and anywhere in between, as well as taking on some of the biggest names in the no prep game.

In the clip below, Doc is lined up with some pretty formidable opposition in the form of the Baker’s Hot Rod Shop Impala. The gorgeous red Impala is twin turbocharged and runs on big tires, so it’s certainly more than powerful enough to run with Doc and his big-inch nitrous engine and massive slicks. Before they can race, though, both cars have to lay down some fresh rubber to try to get as much traction as possible from the unprepped track surface.

With some hot sticky rubber laid down, there’s nothing left to do but go, and that’s exactly what the two cars do. Launching hard, both Doc and the Baker’s Impala look to be on solid passes, welded almost door to door for the first 300 feet or so. However, the Street Beast decides to meander around its lane a bit around halftrack, forcing Doc to roll out of the throttle and watch as the Impala makes a nice, solid hit and takes the win in the left lane. It’s hard to say who would have won if both cars had gone a-to-b, but you can bet Doc will be keyed up for the Impala next time they cross paths.

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