Doc vs Birdman Wreck at Bounty Hunters No Prep

Doc vs Birdman Wreck at Bounty Hunters No Prepclaim double entries now!! Yes, you're ...

Doc vs Birdman Wreck at Bounty Hunters No Prep

claim double entries now!! Yes, you're reading this right!
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With all of the volatility that comes with the likes of a no prep race, this form of racing has become one that’s grown quite the following.

This time, we check out one of those sketchy situations that has the tendency of grabbing everyone’s eye. While we would never wish a crash on anyone, human nature simply won’t allow us to look away.

When Birdman and Doc line up to do battle at the Bounty Hunters No Prep, Doc’s silver Chevrolet Camaro gets a little bit loose up top and ends up heading straight into the wall, causing some big time damage.

While, thankfully, it does look like he was alright, Doc quickly was introduced to one of the factors that makes the high stakes form of racing so challenging if you want to compete to take home that grand prize.



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