Dodge Cummins Catches Fire and Burns Down While Towing…

This isn’t the first truck we’ve seen do this, but it’s certainly ...

This isn’t the first truck we’ve seen do this, but it’s certainly some of the most intense footage we’ve seen of a fire that started for no particular reason. Apparently this family was headed to or from a camping trip on this logging road with the Cummins-powered Dodge burst into flames, leaving the family scrambling to detach their camper and save it from the intense flames rolling from their truck.

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Doing a little research, sadly after the unfortunate incident, the family found that there was a recall on their truck due to a manufacturing defect that caused the trucks to unexpectedly catch fire when under heavy loads. With a hefty camper and an uphill climb, the truck was certainly under a heavy load when the fire broke out. We aren’t sure what, if anything, Dodge did for the family, or if there is a liability on their part for the incident. Perhaps it will be covered by insurance, giving the family some relief from the burden of replacing a lost vehicle.

The truck is an obvious total loss, but there was also some damage to the camper from its proximity to the intense heat. The front wall was discolored and warped and there could be damage on the inside as well. The family will have to pick up the pieces and check everything out carefully before heading out to camp again, if the awful experience hasn’t totally ruined the idea of camping for them. While the situation was terrible and likely terrifying, they do have the good fortune to say everybody got out of the truck okay and nobody was harmed. A few more seconds in the truck could have changed that and resulted in losses much worse than that of their truck. This is a great opportunity to remind everybody to check for recalls on their vehicle, as you could possibly avoid a situation like this in the future.

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