Dodge Neon Clutch VIOLENTLY Explodes

Dodge Neon Clutch VIOLENTLY ExplodesEnter to win this 850hp GT-R/$50,000 in cash ...

Dodge Neon Clutch VIOLENTLY Explodes

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After watching this one several times, it’s tough to figure out where to start. Which is worse? The poor taste in wheels on this Dodge Neon or the battered window that is now adorned by a garbage bag?

Perhaps the biggest fail in this one is the fact that the owner just made a nice little breathing hole in the hood with his clutch as it exploded into the air. Why he was trying to do a burnout while pulling out of the driveway anyway, we will never know.

We would advise you to check out the display of idiocy in the video below, but be forwarned: This one is painful to watch all the way through!

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