Does Seafoam Actually Work? (with Proof)

Does Seafoam Actually Work? (with Proof)5X entries are live, for this CTS-V or ...

Does Seafoam Actually Work? (with Proof)

5X entries are live, for this CTS-V or $50,000 in CASH!
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On the can, Seafoam promises to clean out all of the gunk inside of your engine and when you put it to use, the chemical can be seen putting on a smoke show, leading us to think it’s doing something.

Is it all a show or is the foam actually going to work and cleaning out the inside of your engine? The only way to find out is to put it to the test!

This time, Chrisfix takes the concoction to the lab! Well, not actually a lab, but he does a before and after on his lawnmower to see if it was actually effective.

Check out the video below to see how good of a job the foam actually does. Does the build up inside of the engine actually go away?

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