Doing a Burnout on a Security Guard!

Doing a Burnout on a Security Guard!win $50,000 in cash or This 750+hp cts-v3!Yes ...

Doing a Burnout on a Security Guard!

win $50,000 in cash or This 750+hp cts-v3!
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Sometimes, security guards can have a tough job as many will fail to respect their authority, but this guy seemed to have everything that happened to him coming.

During a little back road street racing, the guard had decided that it would be a good idea to pull out in front of a speeding group of cars to stop them.

This was obviously a bad idea, so another member of the group of racers would let the guard have it by pulling over to him and doing a burnout all over his car!

Check out the scene below as the Ford Mustang unleashes a cloud of smoke and shredded rubber all over the dull security guard’s car. Maybe next time, there’s a smarter way to handle the situation that isn’t life threatening.

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