Don’t Buy A Rental Car

Generally, when you purchase a preowned vehicle, the fewer owners that it has had ...

Generally, when you purchase a preowned vehicle, the fewer owners that it has had before you, the more attractive the car will become to buy. If just one person has owned the car for its entire lifespan, obviously they have been doing something right if the machine is still functioning well and on the road. When you throw a bunch of other owners into the mix, you never know how they would treat the car or truck or what kind of foolery they have done to it while they had possession of the vehicle. Speaking from experience, I know that some of these cars can get pretty bad because there are some folks out there who really have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to car ownership.

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Now, I take that idea of multiple owners and amplify the previous owner deal by hundreds of people who have no real stake in making sure the car is maintained. This is the kind of situation that you sink yourself into when you’re thinking of purchasing a rental car that has have hundreds of “mini owners.” I guess that there is a very slim chance that maybe this particular car fell into the hands of people who were willing to care for it like a newborn baby. However, odds are, that the folks who have gotten buying the wheel of the car in question are in the group of people who probably have driven it like it was stolen and it was their last day on earth to possibly enjoy it a car.

The video below shows off people who we would probably summarize as being a renter that is somewhere below average but every rental car has managed to meet a few people like this. These meatheads really go above and beyond to take a Chevrolet Camaro to the absolute limit, for what purpose we aren’t really sure. The video below summarizes exactly what it was that they did, completely trying to tear this poor car limb from limb and recording every step of the way as they hit the scene at Portland Int’l Raceway… while it was closed.

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