Don’t Fall for the Curb Painting Scam, Police Share Warning about Scammers 🎥

Once you finally cross that threshold from renting or living with your parents to ...

Once you finally cross that threshold from renting or living with your parents to owning your own place, you start to think about some dumb things. Before, maybe the way that your curb looked with no numbers painted on it wouldn’t have even been something that would bother you but now that you have a little bit of pride in ownership, little things like this might be something that you’d consider spending money on. When somebody is going to come out and paint your curb with your number so that you don’t have to spend the time to do it, it most certainly could be something that is worth a little bit of money for their time, effort, and materials.

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Now, as with most services, you would probably expect to be asked before the service is rendered. However, these shysters who were up to no good decided to put together a scheme that would eliminate permission altogether. Their idea was to go ahead and paint numbers on curbs all around various neighborhoods and then go up to the owners of the homes, requesting payment. All of that seems fine and dandy but, you can’t simply render a service that wasn’t asked for and then go request payment for it. However, some of these homeowners apparently didn’t know any better and paid up anyway.

Check out the video below that shows off this scam that appears as if it is designed to trick older people and thos who simply don’t know any better into paying for something that they never even wanted in the first place. If someone comes up to your home requesting money for a service like this, we would recommend calling your local authorities. If these folks put as much effort into an honest day’s work as they did into scamming people, who knows, they might have even more business than they do now with a bigger stack of cash!

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