Don’t Let The Full Interior Fool You, This Mustang Is Quick!

When you think of sleepers, a fox body Mustang with skinnies on the front and 275 ...

When you think of sleepers, a fox body Mustang with skinnies on the front and 275 drag radials out back doesn’t usually come to mind. However, looking at this car, with it’s factory body work – as opposed to a lightweight nose and doors – and fully loaded interior, the wheels and tires still don’t give away just how nasty this little hotrod really is.

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Testing and tuning the relatively new combo at the legendary Carolina Dragway, the driver lays down some fresh rubber in the burnout, then lines up and lays down a wicked run, blitzing the House Of Hook’s eighth mile and leaving the car in the other lane in his dust. The clocks are off, so we don’t know the elapsed time or speed, but you can tell this car runs far quicker than what should be expected of a car that still has the radio and stock dash in place, along with the carpet and cushy Mustang seats.

I don’t know too much about the combination other than, as many of you have likely guessed by now, its a boosted LS combo that sounds and runs ridiculously good. In fact, on the second pass, the car hits the tires a bit too hard, losing traction just off the starting line and causing the driver to have to lift to get the tires to grab traction.

I assume there are some of you out there that are wondering what all of this means, and why the owner wouldn’t chunk the interior, which cumulatively would likely save him several hundred pounds, to go faster? Well, to put it bluntly, because he doesn’t have to. The car makes more than enough power to send the car down the track as quick as he wants to go like it is, so why not retain the creature comforts while wreaking havoc on the track?

I personally think it makes the car significantly more badass knowing he can listen to the radio while leaving the competition in his wake!

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