Don’t Sleep On This Nitrous Bronco!

Chalk this one up under the “Didn’t see that coming” files. Sure, it’s a Bronco, an ...

Chalk this one up under the “Didn’t see that coming” files. Sure, it’s a Bronco, an SUV with a history rich in performance, though most of it is of the offroading nature. But not only do you not see them on the track that often, you certainly don’t see them doing THIS!

The owner dropped a healthy sounding 302 CID under the hood, Ford’s ubiquitous 5.0 liter small block, and plumbed it with a healthy shot of nitrous. Throw some sticky tires on the back and chuck a little weight out of the front end and you have the recipe for a mighty good time. When the nitrous hits and the tires bite, the nose is headed skyward with a quickness. The driver jumps off the loud pedal until the nose starts heading back down and then he romps it again, sending the nose back into the sky on the rebound. It looked like a good wheelie to ride for a while, but the truck took a little bit of a right turn, sending it in the general direction of the retaining wall.

Not wanting to crunch up his ride, the driver wisely rolls out of the throttle and lives to race another day instead of trying to pull some kind of heroic crap. These cars cost entirely too much to risk demolishing them because you were too much of a badass to lift when the nose came up. A good driver knows it’s better to lose a race than his ride, so he keeps to himself for the most part.

On the subsequent passes, the launch is quite a bit tamer, allowing the driver to keep the throttle matted and the little five liter blowing through the nitrous-enriched air as he does get the launch looking much more efficient and quicker, although it’s nowhere near as cool as dragging the bumper.

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