Donut Ripping Lambo Wrecks in Jake Paul Music Video, Destroyed

One of the things about the music industry that seems to have been a tool in order to ...

One of the things about the music industry that seems to have been a tool in order to help music gain even more popularity is that of the music video. Especially today in such an age where everything is incredibly visual and we have pretty much unlimited media at our fingertips, it seems that something like a music video could really be attention-grabbing enough to help push a song over-the-top.

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Therefore, as you’ll probably notice, many artists go above and beyond, trying to portray that rockstar lifestyle in their videos to make fans latch on and consume their music.

This time, we catch up with Mr. Damon Fryer and the Daily Driven Exotics Lamborghini as Damon takes it to a music video shoot for none other than YouTuber, Jake Paul. As you can see in the video, Paul really does appear to be going above and beyond to get that perfect video and one of the shots includes Fryer drifting his Lamborghini around another YouTuber’s Lamborghini. However, a couple moments into the shot, things end up going wrong as the DDE channel car ends up sliding into a wall!

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch the moment that the Lamborghini swings a little bit too wide and just clips the wall, completely obliterating the spoiler on the back.

As Damon described it, with each and every donut, more and more rubber would be laid down on the surface that would get stickier to drive on, really disallowing him to spin the car the way that he wanted, going wider with each loop, and eventually, havoc would break loose.

At the end of the day, thankfully, even though it’s probably a pretty expensive replacement for anyone else, it looks like he got away with the best case scenario should a crash have to happen at all.

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