Drag Race: Formula E Car vs Cheetah

Since I was just a little fella, the cheetah has been my favorite animal. Long, ...

Since I was just a little fella, the cheetah has been my favorite animal. Long, sleek, and built for speed, the svelte feline is the fastest land animal on the planet, capable of speeds of 70 mph. Numbers don’t lie, that’s a badass kitty, but even one of the most lethal hunters on the savanna can’t compete with climate change, and the cheetah is one of the ten species most threatened by the phenomenon.

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Formula E is home to some of the most advanced cars on the planet, and while they’re certainly working toward winning races, the whole sanctioning body is also working toward advancing the development of electric cars, which should have a positive impact on slowing climate change. So it only makes sense to have the two go head-to-head in a drag race, to find out which is quicker off the line and to help cement the larger relationship between the two.

On paper, this should be a heads up race, with both competitors listing their 0-60 time at 3.0 seconds, so they line up and go at it to see just how accurate those times are. The cheetah, weighing much less than the Formula E racecar, jumps out to a lead but can only pull ahead by so much because of the power advantage of the electric car. As they race toward the finish line, the Formula E racer begins to close the gap, but the cheetah doesn’t exactly run out of steam.

I’m not going to tell the outcome here, just know it’s literally a photo finish, but you have to watch the video to find out if the feline predator can hold of the hard-charging electric racecar. Regardless of the outcome, the message here is about working together to keep our planet in good working order and able to support the creatures that rely on the earth to provide their sustenance.

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