Drag Racer Pretends his Car is Broken, Pulls Out a Ring and Proposes on Track

When you have finally found that special someone that you want to settle down with ...

When you have finally found that special someone that you want to settle down with and spend the rest of your life alongside, proposing to them is a huge deal. Even if you have been with this person for years upon years, it can take a lot of courage to actually go through with it as the experience is quite stressful and nerve-racking. Once you have finally mustered up the courage to go through with it, from there, you’re going to need to figure out exactly how you’re going to do it. It really seems like something that a lot of people spend a lot of time on and try to be as personal as possible, beings as this experience is one that will be memorable for a lifetime in letting your partner know that they’re someone who is truly special.

In this clip, we take a minute to check out a drag racer’s experience as he takes the liberty of intertwining what we would presume to be his passion into his marriage proposal, twisting together racing and his personal relationship to come up with what it might just be one of the best proposal ideas that we have seen in some time. Let’s just say that the guy really had about the perfect plan so that his girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancé would be none the wiser when he was about to get down on one knee and ask her to be with him for the rest of their lives.

Check out the video down below as this racer does his burnout and acts like his car has broken, when all of a sudden, he hops out of the machine and pops the ultimate question. This is definitely a heartwarming moment that really has to make you love the racing scene even more. Could you possibly think of a better way to propose than by standing next to a powerful racing machine like this? I think that this one has to just about take the cake!

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