Drag Racing Thrills and Spills – Carnage Fest 2017

The guys at Urban Hillbilly travel the nation week in and week out, capturing the ...

The guys at Urban Hillbilly travel the nation week in and week out, capturing the action from events from coast to coast. When you spend that much time on the track with a video camera in hand, you’re going to catch plenty of spills and crashes. Instead of just posting them as they come, the crew decided to compile some of the best – or worst, depending on your perspective – crashes from the 2017 season into this Thrills and Spills video and share them all together.

First and foremost, all of the drivers in these videos walked away from their respective incidents. We can’t say for sure if they were 100% injury free, but there were no major injuries that we are aware of in this video, so rest assured, there’s no need to cringe as you watch unless crumpled steel and fiberglass makes you queasy.

While nobody would classify any of these incidents as “good”, some of them are downright nasty, so knowing the drivers walked away is a pretty astonishing feat that shows just how well these cars are built. The second clip in the video is one of the most insane crashes I’ve ever personally seen, and knowing that the driver of the Boogeyman Camaro walked away after seeing what that car went through is downright miraculous.

There’s another crash about 4:40 into the video that is one of the most intense spills to ever take place, with both Keith Haney and Daniel Pharris pulling huge wheelies. However, Haney was able to set his back down just in the nick of time, while the wind got under the gorgeous Alepa Racing C7 Corvette he was driving and sent him flying several hundred feet through the air before slamming back to earth with a sickening thud and skidding to a halt on the track surface. Again, despite the horrific look of the crash, the driver walked away with only bruises.

Go ahead and hit that play button, these guys have more than thirteen minutes of pure insanity for you to enjoy!

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