Drake Reveals His $185m Private Boeing 767, It’s as Ridiculous as You Imagined

There are very few people who are wealthy enough to be able to procure their very own ...

There are very few people who are wealthy enough to be able to procure their very own private jet. It takes a certain level of finance to be able to fly in this sort of luxury. Among the people who can afford their own private jet, slice that population down into a couple more pie pieces. The smallest sliver of the pie will consist of those who go beyond a private jet. These folks might even be able to purchase their very own full-size airplane and convert it into a flying luxury home/lounge.

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There aren’t too many people in the world with the same amount of clout as Drake. No matter what country one might find themselves in, there’s a good chance that anybody they ask is going to have at least heard of the artist. With such fame obviously comes a ridiculous amount of money. Drake certainly isn’t shy about spending that money, either. One of his latest purchases consists of a Boeing 767. The airliner has been converted a little bit to fit the superstar’s lifestyle. After all, what use would Drake have for a regular old commercial airliner?

Instead, the craft will be able to fit 30 people comfortably. When we say “comfortably,” we mean it. By taking one look inside of this thing, it has enough leather to support a rancher for an entire year.

With the video below, we get to take a look as Drake sees the plane for the very first time. The beginning of the video starts off outside of the aircraft is the final touches are being put on the exterior of the plane. Of course, this thing has to rock Drake’s logo. Inside, it’s about as ridiculous as anyone could possibly imagine. When all is said and done, Business Insider says the plane is valued at about $185 million.

One of the things that we found pretty neat is that Drake has actually developed a relationship with the President and CEO of CargoJet, the company that put the plane together. Ajay Virmani spoke on their relationship, saying that “Cargojet and Drake are both great Canadian successes, we are thrilled to be partnering together.

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