Drake’s New Tour Features A Lifesize Ferrari that Flies Over The Crowd

Outside of the music that you are witnessing at a concert, if you’ve ever been ...

Outside of the music that you are witnessing at a concert, if you’ve ever been to one that really cranked up the theatrics a little bit and put on an absolute show, you will be able to see what it is that separates a good performance from a great performance. Now, we aren’t saying that a bunch of bling will necessarily make an average singer great or anything like that but when you’re paying outrageous ticket prices to go see some your favorite artists perform, the least that they could do would be to put in a little bit of extra effort so that you’re spectating a show that will make you go home with an experience to cherish and remember.

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Even somebody who is at the level of Drake, a worldwide phenomenon who could literally go up there with a couple of lights and belt out a couple of his hit singles to have a successful show, has decided that she wanted to introduced something a little bit more inclusive for his fans on the Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour. With such big shows, it seems like people might not be able to get that all-inclusive experience, especially if they can’t sit right up near the stage. Therefore, Drake has put together a couple of different measures in order to make sure that his fans are getting their money’s worth.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to see how the people responsible for Drake’s set design managed to bring a couple of science-fiction ideas to life, creating a nearly full-scale LaFerrari that mimics drakes real-life car and floats above the audience, giving everybody something to appreciate up close. The crew also gives a little bit of information about how they coordinated a whole fleet of drones to act as a sort of futuristic team of backup dancers for Drake. All of the others who are out there, up-and-coming in the music industry, take notes because this is how you keep the fans entertained!

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