Dramatic Finish at No Prep Kings After Dominator Pulls Half Track Wheelie

One of the draws of racing can be the dramatics that happen between those walls. ...

One of the draws of racing can be the dramatics that happen between those walls. During some races, we truly never know what’s going to happen until that very last second when the cars cross the finish line. Sometimes, a come-from-behind victory might throw us off guard. Other times, cars might be going sideways, leaving us to wonder what it is that’s going to happen next.

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While such dramatics might be fun to watch, they are almost never good for a racer. In fact, if we were to ask racers across the board what their preference was, answers would probably be similar. Most would likely reply that low-drama is the way to go. In fact, they probably would all be looking for the most boring possible passes that they could come up with.

Obviously, when a car goes sideways it’s never a good thing. What’s less obvious is that when a car goes up on the back wheels, that’s not good, either. Ideally, drivers would like their car to plant nice and low on all four wheels, rocketing through the finish line. However, with constantly changing combinations in the pursuit of competitiveness, sometimes, that’s not possible. There are situations where perhaps a car will be pushed a little bit harder than it should. This means that the front wheels can end up flying up off the ground and creating a situation that the driver that has to deal with.

This time, we ride along to Street Outlaws No Prep Kings in St. Louis. In this race, we certainly get one of those drama filled outings. In the right lane, we find Dominator and immediately off the line, he’s riding a wheelie! Because of this, it looks like his competition inĀ Brian “Chucky” Davis has a leg up on him. However, we never know how these things are going to turn out, especially in no prep.

At the end, this race ends up being a lot closer than anybody anticipated. Be sure to follow along with the TomEighty video below to catch the drama for yourself!

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