Dramatic Hit And Run Chase Captured on Video… What Was She Thinking?

When you see some of the stuff that happens out there on the roadways, you’re ...

When you see some of the stuff that happens out there on the roadways, you’re left to scratch your head sometimes. You really never know what could happen when you head out to the streets to drive to wherever it is that you need to go. Everything could go smoothly, which is more likely than not to happen, however, every once in a while, something crazy may just come to the forefront that changes your entire day. This time, we check out just one of those crazy scenarios as a hit and run gets mighty insane and someone was there to capture the entire ordeal.

In this one, it appears as if the driver behind the wheel of an Acura rear-ended someone In an Audi. From there, the Acura driver wouldn’t stop, but instead, she would keep on driving as the person behind the wheel of the Audi gave chase, hoping to track down the other driver and make everything level. You don’t want to be stuck holding the bag in a hit and run situation, after all. If it’s not your responsibility then you shouldn’t have to be the one who handles it. Even when the Audi driver did catch the Acura driver, though, things just began to keep getting weirder as the events unfolded.

When they approached the Acura driver and started asking her questions, she seemed to be completely lost, not knowing as much as where she was, or at least she acted that way. It’s not clear if it was legitimate or not, but a situation like this is one that has to be handled carefully. Check out the video down below and be sure to tell us what you think of this situation that really spiraled out of control in a hurry and left us with some confusing results.


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