Drifting Musical Chairs Game Is Hilarious!

While the name of this game is “Drifting Musical Chairs”, the way it’s played is a ...

While the name of this game is “Drifting Musical Chairs”, the way it’s played is a lot more like a game of “Drifty Chicken”, where the two players see who has the, ahem, courage… to remain in their seat while a wicked drift ride circles them with a cloud of tiresmoke and screaming engine noises. I know it would certainly be hard for me to remain seated, but the fear of retreating and actually getting hit by the car WHILE fleeing may be enough to keep me in my seat.

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It’s hard to say for sure how I would handle it, but YouTubers Jake Paul and Jesse Wellens are the lucky two who get to play and see if one, or both of them run screaming from the chairs. With Formula Drift pro drifter Forrest Wang behind the wheel, it seems likely these guys are pretty safe, but that doesn’t make the whole situation any less intense and with the car banging off the rev limiter and the tires begging for mercy, it doesn’t really matter who’s behind the wheel, that’s going to be sensory overload to the max.

With Forrest geared up and the two “contestants” seated for their test, Wang drops the hammer on his driftmobile and sets about doing his best to scare the daylights out of Jake and Jesse, and either he does and excellent job, or the two YouTube sensations are also excellent actors – especially Jake, who seems to be genuinely terrified. However, terrified or just acting the part, they both managed to keep their keisters planted and survive the madness, earning them a tie in the second of their three-part test that the whole video encompasses.

We want to know, Speed Society fans, how long do you think you could make it in the center of this game? What would make it more terrifying? We’re thinking chainsaws on the front bumper would keep things interesting, or maybe blindfolding the driver? That ought to be a game changer!

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