Driver Doesn’t Even Wait for Flaming Car to Stop Before Bailing Out!

When you’re making your way around just about any race track, you never know ...

When you’re making your way around just about any race track, you never know what’s going to happen. One moment, everything might be going fine, or so it would seem, and the next moment, before you know it, there’s a fire erupting and cars are going every which way. Perhaps this kind of situation that keeps everybody on edge is what makes racing fans stay glued to their screens to see how everything is going to unfold.

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In this throwback, we check out at 2003 NASCAR race that had a couple of drivers reacting to a situation that seems to fall right in their laps in the span of almost no time at all and the way that they would pull out their reflexes would determine if it would end up getting injured or not. Luckily, all parties involved were able to walk away alright.

In the race, we watch in on some ferocious battling for position┬áthat would have Kurt Busch, Todd Bodine, and Kenny Wallace Getting tangled up in one another’s paths. Before we know it, two of the cars would catch on fire and Kenny Wallace certainly was not hanging around to find out exactly what fire felt like. We watch as his car slows down and almost comes to a halt but before it was even able to stop, Kenny is out and running away from the flames.

If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to join the site of the action from that moment as Wallace scurries away from the massive ball of fire, able to find a way to maintain his health and get out of the wreckage as fast as possible. I bet that this incident isn’t one that he will ever forget as it will always live on in his mind as quick actions really saved the day here.

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