Driver Of Classic Car Crashes, and Causes Brush Fire While Leaving Car Show

By this point, we’ve seen countless cars crash leaving car shows and meets. Drivers ...

By this point, we’ve seen countless cars crash leaving car shows and meets. Drivers get caught up in the adrenaline, which is often fueled by bystanders egging them on to do burnouts, and outdrive their skill level, leading to some terrifying moment. However, since there are usually cell phones in the hands of said bystanders, we usually get a great look at the carnage.

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This time, the footage starts after the crash, where we see what appears to be an AMC Javelin, a car that you certainly don’t see everyday, already crumpled badly in a roadside field with the roof caved in and the fenders banged up pretty badly. However, the real problem is that flames that are starting to emanate from under the car. Assuming the driver was showboating a little bit, which is what we’re led to believe by the caption from KCRA 3 News, the exhaust that runs just beneath the door is likely searing hot and would take no time to catch the tall, dry grass on fire.

While the driver records, I immediately wondered why he wasn’t making an effort to put out the flames. That’s assuming, of course, that there was a fire extinguisher onboard with him. Perhaps he was do dazed by the crash to think to grab it, or it could have been ejected from the car when it rolled. Or, of course, he just may not have had one with him, but honestly I’m not sure it would have helped once the flames had become visible, since most in-car extinguishers are relatively small capacity.

We certainly hate to see a relatively rare and great looking car like the Javelin lost to a crash and then burned for good measure, but reports say there were no injured reported, and as we all know, car’s can be rebuilt or replaced. The same cannot be said for people. I do hope he learned his lesson about showing out when leaving events, though.


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