Driver Pulls U-Haul Trailer Down Highway On Its Side – HOW!?

Sometimes, when you take a look at a certain situation, perhaps you don’t know ...

Sometimes, when you take a look at a certain situation, perhaps you don’t know the whole story and maybe should err on the side of caution with how you perceive and criticize it. After all, maybe you’re missing something jumping the gun is a good way to make yourself look like a fool when you haven’t collected all of the relevant information on the situation. However, other times, you can’t help but really scratch your head and wonder what it is that people are thinking in a spot where everything is going wrong, yet they keep on continuing in a puzzling manner.

This time, we get to ride along with a situation that certainly falls into the latter as an individual who appears to have rented a U-Haul trailer is making some questionable choices at right about the time of the recording of this video.

When you take a look at the concept of U-Haul, it seems like a good and noble one on the surface and then you remember how people drive and consider the fact that the company is basically tossing the keys to a box truck or some sort of trailer to an individual who might or might not have any experience. Let’s just say that things could probably get a little bit crazy when a novice is handling something this big when they’ve never driven anything larger than their Honda Civic.

No matter how wild things might get with U-Haul rental equipment, you would never think that any situation would go this far off track. In this one, as an individual was cruising down the highway, they just so happened to spot somebody pulling a common U-Haul trailer behind their vehicle but that somebody was pulling it completely on its side. That wouldn’t stop them as the trailer drug along the ground with none of the wheels being put to use.

Uhaul Fail

They are not getting their deposit back!

Posted by FailArmy on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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