Driveshaft Rips Through Roof, Hits Driver in Head During Drag Race

During the course of a race, we never truly know what’s going to happen. When ...

During the course of a race, we never truly know what’s going to happen. When we mix lots of moving mechanical components together, things can quickly go awry. Furthermore, the human element is thrown into that pressure cooker and we can see even more drama. The list of off-the-wall situations that we’ve seen on the drag strip is too long to spell out.

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This time, it doesn’t look like there was any human error involved. Instead, on the mechanical side of things, one driver would end up facing quite the struggle. Let’s just say that before he could even react, things would get incredibly heated for the driver, Derek Shaw.

As Shaw’s Chevrolet Camaro made its way down the lanes at All Out Live, an abrupt driveline explosion would give cause for concern. As the transmission locked up, it would twist the driveshaft and break the transmission’s bell housing. The bell housing would then be flipped upside down in the trans tunnel, according to Derek’s Gofundme. From there, all havoc would break loose as sparks would fly everywhere, including inside the vehicle.

The result of the explosion was debris flying through the cockpit and coming in contact with Shaw’s right arm. Eight surgeries later, he is still on his way to recovery.

The car is said to have been fitted with relevant precautionary safety equipment but even that wasn’t enough. Sometimes, a freak accident can unfold and leave quite the hectic wake behind it. In this situation, both the trans blanket and driveshaft loop failed to keep the debris from coming inside the car. Both of these units are designed to contain an eruption like this.

In response, we learn that Shaw won’t let this keep him away from the sport that he loves. He will, however, be installing 3/8″ thick steel plates over the transmission tunnel.

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