Driveway Destroys Subarus Front Splitter… Painful To Watch

When it comes to ride height, rarely do car enthusiasts leave their cars stock, ...

When it comes to ride height, rarely do car enthusiasts leave their cars stock, especially if they plan to fully customize the car’s look and feel to their liking, which most of us do. Lowering a car is one of the best things you can do as far as making it look better, and when you lower it correctly with the right components, it make the car handle better as well, so there’s a dual benefit. However, there’s also a big trade-off when it comes to drivability.

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Lowered cars can have a tendency to drag the bumper when the road surface is uneven, such as entering or leaving driveways or navigating speed bumps. While hitting the entrances and exits at certain angles can help, sometimes there’s nothing that can be done to help and you just have to scrape and hope for the best. Well this guy just scraped, but he didn’t get the best. His Subaru sits down pretty low, plus he’s added a splitter to the front bumper, effectively sitting the car on the ground. Those two may make for a great look, but they’re a deadly combination when it comes to any entrance that isn’t perfectly flat.

As you can see in the video below, this driveway entrance is pretty much level, with only a slight change in angle between it and the roadway. However, that’s all it takes for the Subie to hang the splitter, ripping its mounts from the front bumper almost instantly. The crowd, watching the drama unfold from a very close perspective, reacts to the crunch with a playful “OHHHH!!!”, but these guys and girls all know if that was their ride, they wouldn’t be quite so jovial about what just happened.

Eventually, the guy has to back up and have an onlooker pick up his splitter before he can try to roll on across the transition and exit, hopefully, headed home to repair his front bumper, which was also popped loose in the incident, and maybe raise his car up just a tad.


Posted by Spinnywhoosh Graphics on Monday, October 16, 2017

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