Driving A Corvette Through A Flood Like A BOSS

Driving A Corvette Through A Flood Like A BOSSCTS-V or $50,000 in CASH? Are you a ...

Driving A Corvette Through A Flood Like A BOSS

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If you’re in the market for a yellow C6 Chevrolet Corvette, then you might just want to take an extra careful look at the car, especially if it’s been owned in Michigan.

When this carpet company owner had to make it home from work and the rain got a little bit too intense, he turned his car to submarine mode and blasted under the water.

With an air intake placed at the very nose of these cars, we were doubting his success the entire way through, but we have to applaud the car when it somehow pulls out the other end!

Check out the video of the aggressive driving below. According to the video’s description, the wedge-shaped car was the only one to make it while others floated away!

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