Driving A Car From The Roof With Ropes And A Broom – The Mr. Bean Test

With most of us, there is a divide in our mind that separates theatrical modification ...

With most of us, there is a divide in our mind that separates theatrical modification from reality. At this point in time, Hollywood hasn’t quite gotten to the point where they can almost seamlessly replicate situations in the real world with CGI. However, they’re not perfect just yet. The brain is still able to decipher, in most cases, what’s computer generated and what isn’t.

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Certain ways of shooting a movie can make it look like something crazy is unfolding when in reality, everything just being shot in the studio. After all, most actors don’t go beyond acting and don’t even do there own stunts. This isn’t necessarily something to be ashamed of but rather, the norm. Most folks would probably never even notice.

When we start to dig into this concept, it really makes the us wonder. How much of the stuff is actually happening and what parts are made up? If a sequence is generated by computer, does that mean that it’s impossible? Perhaps something isn’t impossible but instead is just re-created because it’s safer that way. One example of something that many have probably wondered about is Mr. Bean and his shenanigans. For those who aren’t familiar, Mr. Bean tries all sorts of wacky and crazy ways of doing, well, just about anything. I’m sure that we’re not the only ones who’ve wondered if some of this stuff is a work of special effects.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside scoop on somebody who actually tried out a Bean-like antic. In this particular skit, they’re looking to replicate a situation where Bean drove his vehicle from the roof in a lounge chair. How did he do it? Well, through a combination of different levers and some ropes along with a broom to work the gas and brake, the creation would come to life. Could someone actually manipulate a vehicle in this way? Well, I guess we’re about to find out.


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