Drunk Mom Tries to Switch Seats After Accident to Avoid DUI

When thinking deeply about the things that you absolutely never want to mix together, ...

When thinking deeply about the things that you absolutely never want to mix together, drinking and driving are a pair that are better to remain separated. While some people might think that they can handle such an impossible challenge, before you know it, things go just a little bit too far and you end up getting into an accident, or worse, taking somebody’s life. It’s definitely a situation that you never want to be in yourself and involving an innocent bystander truly crosses the borderline into selfish territory.

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For this woman, she decided to not only put herself directly in jeopardy, in terms of who was in the car with her but also decided to drive with an incredibly high blood alcohol content level, nearly 4 times the legal limit, with her young son on board as well. When she was required to take a field sobriety test, the physical part, she failed miserably and things just got even worse when it came to questioning the woman who couldn’t seem to put together a birthday for her son when the police officers began to ask about the boy and she seemed to get increasingly frustrated.

The video below shows the incredibly disheartening footage from the scene of the traffic stop that just keeps onĀ getting worse and worse with every bit of information that was revealed. Perhaps, the worst part of the entire thing after the fender bender that kicked off the whole investigation was that the woman driving the vehicle and her boyfriend allegedly changed positions as he would hop in the driver seat to try and make it look like he was the one driving to get her out of trouble.

Hopefully, these misguided folks can get everything sorted out and figure out a way to get their life back in line. While they were clearly in the wrong here, you really never know what someone is going through to end up in a spot like that.

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