Dude Blatantly Fakes Flops Off Bike, Fakes Accident and Tries to Accuse Evo Driver of Wrongdoing

There is one weird phenomenon that we can’t help but wonder about. Have people ...

There is one weird phenomenon that we can’t help but wonder about. Have people gotten strangers because of the internet or have people always been strange and it’s simply amplified because the internet shows it off to the world?

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This is definitely something that we can’t help but wonder about. However, regardless of the answer, I think that it’s safe to say that there are some really obscure things happening here on the pages of the web. On social media, naturally, any person with access to a cell phone can post whatever video they want. Therefore, we end up diving straight into some reckless rabbit holes.

This time, we check in with another situation that is rather obscure and brought to us purely by the power of social media.

The subject of this one is a pretty clean Mitsubishi Evo. Apparently, the car’s owner wanted to head out and get a couple of flyby shots with leaves flying in the background. However, we are going to guess that the owner of the car and the person helping with filming probably had no clue that something wild was about to happen.

As the driver laid into the throttle and picked up some speed, suddenly, a nearby bicycle rider, pretty far away from the car, would make an awkward maneuver. Instead of continuing riding, the person on the bicycle fell off. Actually, it looks more like the rider flung himself to the ground.

Curious and concerned, the driver of the car approached the bicycle rider to ask him what had happened in attempting to help. However, the bicycle rider continues to shriek that it was the driver’s fault that he had fallen off of his bike.

It certainly seems like there is a little bit of funny business going on here. It’s kind of hard to figure out why somebody would fake something like this, if that’s the case. After following along with this one, be sure to tell us what your thoughts are on the matter. Is there somebody looking to get a little bit of insurance money or a guilt trip from the driver or is this something else entirely?

Posted by William Waldman on Monday, October 12, 2020

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