Dumping 35 Tons of Wood Chips Like a BOSS

Dumping 35 Tons of Wood Chips Like a BOSSclaim double entries now!! Yes, you're ...

Dumping 35 Tons of Wood Chips Like a BOSS

claim double entries now!! Yes, you're reading this right!
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When it comes to unloading loose cargo, there are two ways to do it: the easy way or the hard way. You could choose to sit there and shovel out all of these wood chips or you could get creative.

Instead of investing all of their time and money in manual labor, these people have comes up with an innovative solution to emptying out their semi-truck.

Contrary to what you might think something like this would look like, it’s quite the odd scene as the truck gets lifted up to become almost vertical, allowing gravity to do all of the work!

Check out the video below that shows how an otherwise mundane process might just happen to blow your mind! This is pretty neat!

Brake checking a semi-truck probably wasn’t the best idea for this X5 driver.


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