Dyno Testing – Day 1 of Diesel Power Challenge 2014! .

The Diesel Power Challenge 2014 in Denver, CO this year.  3 Dodge Cummins, 3 General ...

The Diesel Power Challenge 2014 in Denver, CO this year.  3 Dodge Cummins, 3 General Motors Duramax and 3 Ford Powerstrokes and the reigning champ another Ford Powerstore in an 08 F250.  Many of the trucks are contending with the limited oxygen they are not accustomed to, but still put down some massive Hp and torque numbers.  This competition tests the drivers and their trucks in a Dyno competition, Drag strip, Trailer Tow, Trailer Obstical Course, Feul Econ, and Reliability.

10 times entries are live, for this CTS-V or $50,000 in CASH!
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On Day 1 of Diesel Power Challenge 2014, 10 reader-selected trucks are strapped down for the chassis dyno competition held at ATS Diesel. This event is all about the numbers as each vehicle’s peak horsepower and torque numbers are added together for an overall total per pull. With Nitrous allowed, each contender is given 3 chances to score the highest and earn bragging rights as the most powerful truck!


Diesel Power Challenge 2014 is a weeklong torture test that features 5 events, 10 trucks, 8,000hp, and nearly 15,000 lb-ft of torque. We push Power Stroke, Cummins, and Duramax-powered trucks well beyond their limits in search of the ultimate diesel.  Stay tuned and watch the Day 1 festivities here.

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