Easy way to remove a fence posts

Sometimes, when it appears like you might need a special tool or lots of manpower to ...

Sometimes, when it appears like you might need a special tool or lots of manpower to get the job done, there are creative ways around all of the extras and if you put your mind to it, you might just save yourself some time and money.

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Now, the job of removing fence posts might seem like a tall task that requires all of the aforementioned but with a little bit of ingenuity, this Guy is able to take on the task all With the help of a truck a rope and a rim .

While it might seem like a job like removing a fence post could call for a whole collection of tools and workers to get the job done, some simple DIY engineering could suffice. With the use of a Rope, and an old rim, these guys make the job of tearing out an old and unsightly fence post completely easy! Tune in and watch how this combination of materials comes together to make the best of the leverage available to yank this post right out of the ground.

Check out the demonstration below that shows off how creativity pays off. What are you think of this DIY method of fence post removal? Can you think of another way to do it?

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