Comedian Trolls NASCAR Drivers and Fans at a Race

Over the years, comedian, Ed Bassmaster, has really given us a lot to laugh about. ...

Over the years, comedian, Ed Bassmaster, has really given us a lot to laugh about. Some of his skits have caught on as comedy gold. These skits have skyrocketed to the top of the mountain and have found a way to become incredibly recognizable. For example, his “Look at this” skit really made people roll out of their seats laughing. It came to the tune of tens of millions of views. That doesn’t even count all of the times that we’re sure it has been reposted around the web.

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Another skit that we have definitely fallen in love with from Ed is the “Psh” skit. Essentially, Ed will dress up as his character, Complete with a 90s-esque sweater, and act disgruntled about everything. It’s called “Psh” because he’ll constantly make the noise while dismissing everything. It makes for some awkward encounters, indeed.

This time, he takes to the NASCAR circuit in order to try his skit out with some of the racers and fans alike. As he makes his way through the fans in the crowd, absolutely nobody is safe. We would think that more people would get upset about an act like this, if they didn’t know it’s a prank. However, people really genuinely don’t seem to know how to react at all, whether upset or otherwise. It isn’t like Ed is directly confronting them but he’s also acting in such a way that we would think would yield an angry reaction. It’s really the ultimate in comedy gold to see how people try to comprehend it all.

By following along with the video below, we get to get inside of Ed’s head as he takes us along for quite the journey. These pranks have really taken us through some wild experiences. This one is no different as the fun expands to NASCAR.


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