Bounty Hunters No Prep Grudge Nationals

This weekend, the baddest cars and fastest drivers in the country showed up at San ...

This weekend, the baddest cars and fastest drivers in the country showed up at San Antonio Raceway for the Bounty Hunters No Prep Grudge Nationals. We came on to work with Bounty Hunters to help keep the biggest payouts in no prep history rolling. Some of the biggest names in racing showed up this weekend, including Kye Kelley, Scott “John Doe” Taylor, James “Birdman” Finney, Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton, James “Doc” Love, Mike Murillo and others who have appeared on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws.

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Kye Kelley is the fastest big tire driver on the new Street Outlaws New Orleans. Many of you may know him because he managed to beat OKC’s fastest, Big Chief. As it turns out, Kye has his own nemesis in James Finney, known as “Birdman.” Kye Kelley’s third-gen Camaro known as Shocker has a 638ci big-block and a whole bunch of Nitrous, but Birdman has a Pro-Stock style fourth-gen Firebird with a twin-turbo powerplant that has beaten Kye in the past. Everybody was hoping to see Kye and Birdman battle it out in the finals, but unfortunately Kye Kelley red lit while racing Steve Wiley in the quarter finals.

Bounty-Hunters-No-Prep (5 of 110)

In the semifinals, Steve Wiley managed to beat James Kinney down the 660 as well. This sent him into the finals with the Granado Brother’s “Blue Angel” Mustang. Wiley’s Grim Reaper took off while the Mustang had issues, making him the winner of the $50,000 prize in the Big Tire class.

Bounty-Hunters-No-Prep (80 of 110) Tony Thorn in his third-gen Camaro he calls “Terminator” started off rough, but ended up blowing through the competition in the Small Tire class and won the $10,000 prize. It was a weekend full of upsets, but thankfully everybody left the track safely. Stay tuned for the next races in the Bounty Hunter No Prep series via their Facebook page!

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