“FAT MAN” 3.0 – Vengeance Racing’s Insane Max Effort C6 Is A Game Changer

Like most projects, the Vengeance Racing C6 Z06 that you’re looking at started life ...

Like most projects, the Vengeance Racing C6 Z06 that you’re looking at started life as a production car that the original owner – and subsequent owner – modified over time in an ever-escalating search for more power. What it has become is hands down one of the most insane, well-built, and beautiful late model hotrods we’ve ever seen, and we think you’ll agree. Buckle up, we’re gonna take a little trip through the car’s past to better understand its current state and take a glimpse into its future as well.

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Row Mowen and the staff at Vengeance Racing first “met” this car as a stock 2007 Z06 that was brought to them for a pretty basic 1,000 RWHP turbo install. The car was Atomic Orange from the factory, a trait that would come to earn the car the moniker “FATMAN”, an homage the the US Atomic bomb of the same name. While the stock LS7 bottom end would likely have held up under boost well enough to produce the sought-after four-digit power levels, it seems the original owner knew there would be much more in store for this car, so he opted for an engine built from and RHS block and MAST heads. This would build a solid foundation that would indeed see much more thrown at it along the way.

Longtime Vengeance client Randy Hunter would end up buying the car and, after deciding to step away from the racing scene, he offered the car to Vengeance so they they could continue to develop the project, as it had become the first Corvette to top 200 MPH in the 1/2 mile while under his ownership. Ron and company opted in, purchasing the car and continuing to campaign in on the half mile.

Eventually the car would hit 216.99 MPH while retaining much of the stock interior, the fastest ‘Vette of its kind to do so. To put up these numbers, the car was running a new engine combo, a TH400 transmission and an upgraded turbo kit. It has also been painted white and received some exterior modifications that helped make it feel as if it belonged to Vengeance Racing.

“Last year at the PRI Trade Show, our owner spoke with our good friends Cale and Tinzy Aronson about a recommendation for updating the chassis in the car as well as bringing safety standards up to par with the speeds that we were looking to achieve with this vehicle,” says Ron of the ‘Vette’s continued progression. “For this, the recommendation was strongly in favor of the folks at JSC Racing Fabrication , and the vehicle quickly made its way up north to start on a project that would ultimately change form a few times during the process and develop into the MONSTER that it is today.”

Lurking under the stark white bodywork is a full 25.3 chassis, offering the utmost in safety and strength for the car, which will certainly help when it’s all buttoned back up and ready to hit the track again. This time around, however, the car won’t just be a half-miler, as Ron and company have some eighth mile and quarter mile events planned as well.

Along with the beefy cage, the car has a Fab 9 rear end, a full 4-link suspension with Menscer Motorsports shocks all the way around, and a full complement of carbon fiber, including the roof, doors, wheel tubs and belly pan, along with a trick carbon rear wing.

According to Mowen, “… the car is now fully prepared for anything we want to do with it, and most importantly is a role model of safety for our customers that also participate in these high speed racing events,” an area of key interest following the untimely passing of Jeff Hagaman, a fellow 1/2 mile competitor and close friend of the Vengeance Racing team, at an event earlier this year. Hagaman’s crash and subsequent death raised a great deal of awareness for increased safety protocol among the half-mile community, and while it’s terribly tragic that a life had to be lost to bring about these changes, at least we know Vengeance is leading the charge to make sure Jeff’s life will not have been lost in vain.

The engine will be sent off to Late Model Engines for some updates and upgrades, the turbochargers will be upgraded yet again, and the car still has to be fully wired and plumbed, but knowing the team at Vengeance, it will be ready to rock and roll for the start of the 2019 season. 

Picture By: Killshotinc.com

Cars like this are much more than the sum of their parts, and with a collaboration like this between Vengeance, JSC Racing Fabrication, Late Model Engines, Menscer Motorsports, RPM Transmission, Pro EFI and all of the other companies involved, this car will certainly become the benchmark by which all other Corvettes are measured. It’s only fitting that one of the most accomplished and well-respected late model GM performance shops in the nation field a car that’s going to hurt so many feelings in the very near future.

Vengeance made a point to include the following companies, each of whom played a vital role in bringing Project FATMAN 3.0 to life: JSC Racing Fabrication, Late Model Engines, Professional EFI Systems Inc., WELD Racing, Menscer Motorsports, Strange Engineering, Dailey Engineering Dry Sump Systems, RPM Transmissions, ProTorque Converters, Chevrolet Performance, Vengeance Racing, High Tech Corvette, Speed Society, STREET RACE Magazine, and Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels.


Fatman Twin Turbo C6Z – Vengeance Racing

Vengeance Racing insane twin turbo C6 Z06 hitting the track in 2019…and it is a “FatMan” not talking about the driver…#2019goals #gotime #vengeanceracing #speedsociety

Posted by Vengeance Racing on Friday, 1 February 2019

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